Staccato – Dec 6-7, 2014

“Embodying Passion” ~ 5Rhythms® Waves Workshop in Toronto
with Evangelos Diavolitsis (from Calgary, AB)

Embodying Passion front for webThrough our hips and hearts we will move into and through Staccato and reclaim an energy stream that lives inside us and needs to be expressed. This is the Rhythm where we show up in the world without apology or compromise and say “I am here now and I want to create!” Staccato is about taking action, not just thinking about it.

When we meet the world and embody our passion we express the desire to move forward with our hearts purpose. In the Rhythm of Staccato we explore clarity, communication and focused power and use them as tools to cut through the murkiness we sometimes feel in the body. We will explore and define our personal boundaries and create a personal container where we restore our inner fire. Staccato is where we build our energy by moving on the percussive beat and expressing our intended passion . This passion wants and needs to be expressed but through layers of conditioning may be buried. What activities are you engaged in? Do they give you energy? Do they take it away? Are they energy neutral?

In this 5Rhythms Staccato workshop you will dance away feeling your body’s energy guiding you to live your passion with clarity and creative action. All participants will create a personal movement map that they can use after the workshop.

Sat Dec 6, 2-5pm & Sun Dec 7, 11am-5pm
Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON
Contact: Layah Jane ~ layah(at)layahjane(dot)com


Evangelos headshot for webEvangelos Diavolitsis is a certified 5Rhythms facilitator, meditation teacher and money coach. He creates an atmosphere that is adventurous and safe, weaving a delicate chemistry of humour and intensity. He has taught across Canada, Japan, Greece and the U.S.

Evangelos’ compassionate and investigative nature encourages participants to dance through each of the five rhythms by cultivating pristine awareness through body based investigation.

“When we make the effortless effort to dance through unfamiliar waves and vibrations, we begin to embrace the sounds and rhythms we believe are not us. Movement allows a whole world of creativity to open up. It releases the stories that are deeply embedded in the body. We come together to dance, to learn from each other and sweat our prayers. A 5Rhythms workshop encourages us to view fear and confusion as an opportunity for growth and transformation.” ~ Evangelos



Evangelos is an accredited 5RTA teacher and all credits for this workshop will count toward future 5Rhythms®  trainings.

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